O'Byrne (No.4) family genealogy

Of Ballycapple

Arms: Same as those of "O'Byrne" (No. 1)

137. JOHN O'BYRNE: second son of Garrett, who is No. 136 on the (No. 3) "O'Byrne" of Ballymanus genealogy; settled in Dunganstown, and m. Miss Byrne of Wicklow. He had two sons:

I. William, who m. Miss Bury and had two sons:

I. William.

II. James, who m. Miss Newsome, and had one daughter, who is (in 1887) wife of Robert Caldwell, of Wicklow.

II. Garrett-Michael, of whom presently.

138. Garrett-Michael: second son of John, succeeded to part of his father's lands in Ballycapple. His wife was descended from the O'Byrnes of Kiltimon. He had one son, William Colclough, and four daughters:

I. William-Colclough, of whom presently.

I. Margaret, who m. John Redmond.

II. Mary-Anne, who m. Joseph Byrne, who was descended from another chief branch of the "O'Byrne" race. She had eight sons and four daughters—1. James, 2. John, 3. Garrett Michael, 4. Patrick, 5. Joseph, 6. William-Colclough, 7. John-Kennedy, 8. William-Andrew. The four daughters are—1. Sarah, 2. Anne, 3. Bride-Anna, 4. Julia-Mary-Ellen. Of these children:

I. James, of Carlow, Contractor.

II. John, who died young.

III. Garrett-Michael, the third son of said Mary-Anne, was M.P. for the co. of Wexford more than three years. He resigned in 1883, and at present (in 1887) has the honour of representing West Wicklow—"the cradle of his race," in Parliament.

IV. Patrick, of Wicklow, who died in 1867.

V. Joseph, who died young.

VI. William-Colclough, who d. young.

VII. John-Kennedy O'Byrne, the seventh son, who wrote "The O'Byrnes, Chieftains of Wicklow," and contributed many sketches and articles to the press; m. Monica-Cecilia, dau. of P. Kennedy, author of several works of Irish Literature. This John assumed his wife's name before his own, and resumed the prefix O', as the rigid right of his family.

VIII. William-Andrew, of Massachusetts, America.

IX. Sarah (in Religion "Mother Mary-Chrysostom"), Rectress of the Sisters of Charity Convent, Kilkenny.

X. Anne, who m. Joseph Anderson, of Dublin.

XI. Bride-Anna.

XII. Julia-Mary-Ellen, married to James J. Fowler, of London.

III. Catherine: third daughter of Garrett-Michael O'Byrne, of Ballycapple, married James Kinsella; their daughter "Mother Mary-Stanislaus," was Abbess of St. Clare's Convent, Harold's Cross, Dublin.

IV. Julia, m. Abraham Manifold.

139. William-Colclough O'Byrne: son of Garrett-Michael; had four sons and two daughters, of whom three sons and one daughter are (in 1887) living:

I. Garrett-Michael, of whom presently.

II. John-Joseph, of Dublin.

III. William-Colclough, who still retains Ballycapple.

I. Anna-Frances, m. to J. J. Byrne, of The Rathmore family.

140. Garrett-Michael O'Byrne, Merchant, of Wicklow: son of William-Colclough O'Byrne; living in 1887.