O'Hart (No.2) family genealogy

Of Ardtarmon, County Sligo

Arms: The Armorial Bearings same as those of "O'Hart" (No. 1).

BRIAN, a younger brother of Aodh Mór who is No. 117 on the (No. 1) "O'Hart" (Princes of Tara) pedigree, was the ancestor of O'Hart, of Ardtarmon, county Sligo.

117. Brian: son of Giollachriosd Caoch.

118. Donal Glas: his son; had a younger brother Felim,[1] who was father of William, the father of Felim, father of the four brothers—I. Rory Ballach, 2. William, 3.

John, 4. Owen, who were called Muintir Ardtarman.

119. Giolladubh: son of Donal Glas; had a brother Teige Ruadh. This Teige Ruadh had two sons—1. Donal Glas, 2. Teige Oge: Donal Glas was the father of the four brothers, Muircheartach, Teige Oge, Brian, and Ferdorach—who were known as Muintir Duin Fhuar; and Donal Glas's brother Teige Oge and his family were known as Muintir Duin Fuil.[2]

120. Cormac: son of Giolladubh. Had three brothers—1.Owen Lochtach; 2. Rory; 3. Scabhar. Owen Lochtach appears to have left no issue; Rory left two sons namely—Giolladubh, and Connor; and Scabhar was the father of Giollapadraic, the father of Owen.

121. John Caoch O'Hart: son of Cormac; had two brothers—1. Giollapadraic, 2. Rory Garbh.


[1] Felim: This Felim was the "Pheolyme O'Harte of Ardtarmon, otherwise called O'Hart, chief of his name," who (See Note on Ardtarmon, O'Hart No.1 pedigree) was one of the Signatories of the Indenture (in 1585) between Sir John Perrott and the chieftains of Sligo, temp. Queen Elizabeth.

[2] Duin Fuil: This name has been modernized Ballinfull, above mentioned, near Lisadil.