English Undertakers in the Ulster Plantation


Every undertaker’s lands were erected, by the terms of his grant, into a Manor, with certain manorial rights and privileges; including at first the power of establishing Courts Baron, and of enclosing a certain number of acres as a demesne, according to the size, in each case of the proportion held by the undertaker. In this instance, the term demesne (from the Latin de mansione) properly denotes that part of the estate attached to the Mansion, where the proprietor remains or resides. Other privileges were soon afterwards added, the most useful of which was that of appointing fairs and markets in all places where these institutions were required. The several grants only recite the names of the leading divisions of land in each proportion or estate. Each of these divisions, however, included several smaller parcels, which more correctly represent the numbers of our present townlands.

The following were the Precincts or Baronies set apart, under the “Ulster Plantation” for—


  1. Precinct or Barony of Oneilan, County Armagh.
    1. Rev. Richard Rolleston.
    2. Francis Sacheverell, Esq.
    3. John Brownlowe.[20]
    4. Rev. James Matchett.
    5. William Powell, Esq.
    6. John Dillon, Esq.
    7. William Brownlowe, gent., (son of John above-mentioned).
    8. William Stanhowe.
    9. John Heron, gent.
    10. Sir Anthony Cope, Knight.
  2. Precinct of Clogher, County Tyrone.
    1. Sir Thomas Ridgewaie, Knt.
    2. John Leigh, gent.
    3. Walter Edney, Esq.
    4. Thos. Edney, Esq. (brother of above)
    5. George Ridgeway, gent.
    6. William Parsons, Esq., of the city of Dublin.
    7. William Turvin.
    8. Edward Kingswell, Esq.
  3. Precinct of Omes, County Tyrone.
    1. William Glegge, gent.
    2. George Tuchet.
    3. Lord Audley.
    4. Sir Marvin Tuchet, Knt.
    5. Sir Ferdinand Tuchet, Knt.
    6. Edward Blunte, Esq.
    7. Sir John Davys, Knt.
  4. Precinct of Liffer (now Lifford), in the Barony of Raphoe, County Donegal.
    1. Henry Clare.
    2. William Willson.
    3. Edward Russell, Esq.
    4. Sir William Barnes, Knt.
    5. Capt. Ralph Mansfield.
    6. Sir Thomas Cornewall, Knt.
    7. Sir Thos. Remyngton, Knt.
    8. Sir Maurice Barkeley, Knt.
    9. Sir Thomas Coach, Knt.
  5. Precinct of Clancally (now Clankelly), Co. Fermanagh.
    1. Sir Hugh Wirrall, Knt.
    2. Robert Bogas, Esq.
    3. Robert Calvert, gent.
    4. John Sedborough, Esq.
    5. Thos. Flowerdewe, Esq.
  6. Precinct of Lurg and Coolmakernan,[21] Co. Fermanagh.
    1. Thomas Flowerdewe, Esq.
    2. Thomas Blenerhassett, Esq.
    3. Sir Edward Blenerhassett, Knt.
    4. John Archdale, Esq.
    5. Edward Warde, gent.
    6. Thomas Barton, Esq.
    7. Henry Honynge or Hennings, Esq.
  7. Precinct of Loughtee, Co. Cavan.
    1. Sir Richard Waldron, Knt.
    2. John Fishe, Esq.
    3. Sir Stephen Butler, Knt.
    4. Sir Nicholas Lusher, Knt.
    5. Sir Hugh Wyrrall, Knt.
    6. John Tailor, gent.

End of the English Undertakers.


[20] Brownlowe: This name was then also spelled Brownlow, Bromloe, and Bromley (more lately Bramley).

[21] Lurg and Coolmakernan: Now the baronies of Coole and Lurg.

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