O'Cahan (No.2) family genealogy

Arms: Same as "O'Cahan" (No. 1).

JOSEPH, a younger brother of William, who is No. 124 on the (foregoing) "O'Cahan" (No. 1) pedigree, was the ancestor of this branch of that family.

124. Joseph: second son of Richard; died 1756.

125. Rev. Richard O'Cahan: his son. Had three younger brothers—1. William,[1] who settled in the co. Cork; 2. Lewis, who settled in the co. Mayo; 3. John, who assumed the name Kean, settled in Mullingar [2] in 1751, and afterwards resided in the city of Dublin. This John Kean had five sons—1. William; 2. John; 3. Robert; 4. Patrick; 5. Richard, who died in 1795.

126. John Kean, of Dublin: second son of John; became connected with the "United Irishmen," on account of which he had to fly the country, in 1798. When those troublous times in Ireland had passed away, he returned to Dublin; assumed the name Kane; and died in 1832.


[1] William: This William and Lewis assumed the name O'Keane.

[2] Mullingar: Following up our research with reference to this John Kean, we visited Mullingar, in November, 1879, and there learned (see Note, under the "Keane," of the county Clare, pedigree) that an O'Cain family lived in the county Westmeath, in the early part of the eighteenth century. In the Liber Baptisatorum of the Catholic Church at Mullingar occurs the following entry:—"1742. July 19th. Bap. Margaret Cain, daughter to William and Margaret Darcy." In that Baptismal Register also occur, since 1742, the names of Coyne, Kain, Kane, and Kean; all of them anglicised forms of the Irish O'Cain. The oldest branch of the "Cain" family that settled in the county Westmeath, lived in Killpatrick, near Rathconrath. Descendants of that family have been:

1. Patrick Kean of Templepatrick, Moyvore, near Ballymahon, and his five brothers, John, Matthew, James, William, and Christopher, all living in 1879: the sons of

2. James Keane of Rathcolman, who had three brothers—1. Rev. Patrick; 2. John, who died unmarried; and 3. ——: sons of

1. Patrick Kean, who had an elder brother Hugh, and three younger brothers—1. a Doctor, 2. a Priest, 3. Richard. The Hugh here mentioned had five sons and four daughters: one of those daughters was Mrs. Marcella Canton, of Greville-street, Mullingar, living in 1879. The sons were: 1. James, 2. Nicholas. 3. Christopher, 4. Hugh, and 5. William. The first four of these five sons of Hugh died unm.; but the youngest son William, who died on the 17th of March, 1878, was married, and left two children—1. Bridget, 13 years old; and 2. Hugh, 8 years old: both living in 1879, Patrick Keane (No. 3) and his brothers were the sons of

4. James (or Shemus), who was sirnamed "Brooteen Kean," and who "had an uncle a Priest."