About Library Ireland

The LibraryIreland.com project was commenced in February 2005 with the aim of providing free information on all aspects of Ireland — biography, folklore, genealogy, history, names, social history, and much more besides.

The wealth of Irish texts is constantly growing, so a sitemap has been added to aid navigation, although this is restricted through necessity to the main architecture of the site, and it is therefore worth making use of the search facility to find what lies buried deep in the heart of Library Ireland.

It is hoped that the material provided online will stimulate further interest and research, and consequently help in the preservation of the country's rich historical heritage.

It is also intended that the site will inspire a revival of interest in collecting old books on Ireland, a gentle pastime that seems to have greatly diminished recently. We need a fresh awareness of the delight of owning the actual book, an appreciation that it is more than its contents. Indeed, it can be an art form in itself. In the surroundings within which we move every day, few things are more pleasant to encounter than a bookcase of attractive bindings to catch the eye and fill us with a sense of history and provide a link with the past.

We can be contacted at info[at]libraryireland.com, but please be aware that because of time and resource constraints we are unable to answer genealogical and other enquiries which involve any degree of research. If you make an enquiry and do not receive a response then please accept our apologies, but it will be because we cannot provide an adequate or easy answer.

Finally, please enjoy browsing Library Ireland, and don't forget to visit us again.

Farewell, Yer Honour!