O'Hanlon family genealogy

Lords of Orior, in the County Armagh

Arms: Vert on a mount in base ppr. a boar pass erm. Crest: A lizard displ vert. Another Coat: Ar. on a mount vert a boar pass. ppr. armed or.

FEIG, brother of Breasal who is No. 88 on the "Madden" (of Ulster) pedigree, was the ancestor of Oh-Anluain; anglicised Hanlon, Henlon, and O'Hanlon.

88. Feig: son of Felim; had a brother named Eachach, who was the ancestor of Rogan.

89. Niallan: son of Feig. This Niallan had a brother named Fiachra Ceannfinan,[1] who was ancestor of Duffry and Garvey; and another brother Oronn, who was ancestor of Mooney, of Orgiall.

90. Eoghan (or Owen): son of Niallan; had a brother named Muireadhach, who was the ancestor of St. Colman, of Kill.

91. Muireadach: son of Owen.

92. Baodan: his son.

93. Ronan: his son.

94. Suibhneach: his son; had a brother named Crunmoal.

95. Colgan: his son.

96. Eagnach: his son.

97. Suibneach (2): his son.

98. Cosgrach: his son; had a brother named Cearnach ("cearnach:" Irish, victorious), a quo another O'Cearnaighe family, anglicised Carney, and Carnagie, of Clan Colla.

99. Dermod: son of Cosgrach.

100. Anluan ("an-luan:" Irish, the champion): his son; a quo O'h-Anluain.

101. Flann; his son.

102 Aodh (or Hugh): his son.

103. Dermod: his son.

104. Flaitheartach: his son.

105. Cumascach: his son.

106. Maccraith: his son.

107. Flann (2): his son.

108. Moroch: his son; had a brother named Giollapadraic.

109. Ardgal: son of Moroch.

110. Moroch Ruadh: his son.

111. Edmond: his son.

112. Eocha: his son.

113. John O'Hanlon: his son; first assumed this sirname; had a brother named Patrick.

114. Eocha (2): son of John.

115. Shane Oge: his son.

116. Eocha (3): his son.

117. Shane (2): his son.

118. Giollapadraic Mór: his son.

119. Eocha (4): his son.

120. Shane (3): his son.

121. Shane (4) Oge: his son. This Shane had five sons—1. Eocha (called "Oghy"). 2. Patrick, 3. Melaghlin, 4. Shane Oge, 5. Felim.

122. Sir Oghy O'Hanlon, of Tonregee (now Tanragee), knight; son of Shane Oge; Chief of his name; lord of Upper and Lower Orior; in Armagh; attainted, but pardoned on the 12th February, 1605.

123. Owen Oghy Oge: his son; lord of Orior; had two brothers—1. Tirlogh (who was the eldest son), and 2. Edward, who was the youngest.

124. Patrick Mór: son of Owen Oghy Oge.

125. Edmond: his son; an officer in the service of King James the Second.

126. Felix, of Killeavy, in the co. Armagh: his son.

127. Edmond Ruadh, of Killeavy: his son.

128. Hugh, of Newry: his son; d. in April, 1807, aged 86 years.

129. Patrick, of Newry: his son; had an elder brother named Hugh, who, in 1828, died without issue. This Patrick became a Barrister-at-Law, and was living in Calcutta in 1830.

130. Hugh O'Hanlon: his son; was Law Adviser to the Irish Office in London, in 1831; his brother, Pringle O'Hanlon, was Captain in the First Bengal Cavalry; and his other brother, Edward, was killed at Rangoon, in the East Indies.


[1] Ceannfinan, or, more properly, ceannfionnan, means "white headed."