A Concise History of Ireland - Patrick Weston Joyce

Patrick Weston Joyce



The Manners, Customs and Institutions of the Ancient Irish

  1. The Irish Language
  2. Irish Literature
  3. Ecclesiastical Writings
  4. Annals, Histories, Genealogies
  5. Historical and Romantic Tales
  6. The Brehon Law
  7. The Law of Compensation
  8. Grades and Groups of Society
  9. The Tenure of Land
  10. Irish Music
  11. Irish Art
  12. Dwellings, Fortresses, Ecclesiastical Buildings
  13. Various Customs


Ireland under Native Rulers

  1. Legends of the Early Colonies
  2. The Kings of Pagan Ireland
  3. Saint Patrick
  4. Early Christian Ireland
  5. Religion and Learning
  6. The Danish Wars
  7. Brian Boru
  8. The Battle of Clontarf
  9. Preparing the Way for the Invader


The Period of the Invasion, 1172-1547

  1. Dermot MacMurrogh
  2. The First Anglo-Norman Adventurers
  3. King Henry in Ireland
  4. Raymond le Gros
  5. John de Courcy
  6. King John in Ireland
  7. A Century of Turmoil
  8. Edward Bruce
  9. The Statute of Kilkenny
  10. Art Mac Murrogh Kavanagh
  11. During the War of the Roses
  12. Poynings' Law
  13. Garrett, the Great Earl of Kildare
  14. Garrett, Ninth Earl of Kildare
  15. The Rebellion of Silken Thomas
  16. General Submission


The Period of Insurrection, Confiscation and Plantation

  1. New Causes of Strife
  2. The State Religion
  3. Shane O'Neill
  4. The Geraldine Rebellion
  5. The Plantations
  6. Hugh Roe O'Donnell
  7. Hugh O'Neill Earl of Tyrone
  8. The Rebellion of Hugh O'Neill
  9. The Battle of the Yellow Ford
  10. The Earl of Essex
  11. Lord Mountjoy and Sir George Carew
  12. The Siege and Battle of Kinsale
  13. The Siege of Dunboy
  14. The Retreat of O'Sullivan Beare
  15. The Flight of the Earls
  16. The Plantation of Ulster
  17. The "Graces"
  18. The Rebellion of 1641
  19. The Confederation of Kilkenny
  20. Cromwell
  21. The Cromwellian Plantation
  22. Restoration and Compromises
  23. Religious Troubles after the Restoration
  24. James the Second
  25. The Siege of Derry
  26. The Battle of the Boyne
  27. The Siege of Limerick
  28. The Siege of Athlone and the Battle of Aughrim
  29. The Second Siege and Treaty of Limerick


The Period of the Penal Laws

  1. The Penal Code
  2. Restrictions on Irish Trade and Manufacture
  3. "The Sixth of George I. "
  4. Struggles for Parliamentary Independence
  5. The Expedition of Thurot
  6. Secret Societies
  7. Progress towards Parliamentary Independence
  8. The American War and Its Effects on Ireland
  9. The Volunteers
  10. The Dawn
  11. Legislative Independence
  12. Parliamentary and Commercial Reform
  13. More Secret Societies
  14. An Instalment of Emancipation
  15. Disappointed Hopes
  16. Drifting towards Rebellion
  17. The Rebellion of 1798
  18. The Union
  19. Robert Emmet's Insurrection
  20. Daniel O'Connell
  21. Catholic Emancipation
  22. The Tithe War


The Modern Period

  1. To the Death of O'Connell
  2. Parnell
  3. To the Death of Parnell
  4. Industrial Progress


Book of Mac Durnan

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