Scottish Undertakers in the Ulster Plantation


The following were the Precincts or Baronies set apart for the Scottish Undertakers, only:

  1. Precinct of the Fewes, Co. Armagh.
    1. Sir James Douglasse (or Douglas, Knt.)
    2. Henry Acheson, gent.
    3. Sir James Craig, Knt.
    4. William Lawder, gent.
    5. Claude Hamilton, gent.
  2. Precinct of Mountjoy (or a part of the Barony of Dungannon), Co. Tyrone.
    1. Andrew Stewart, Lord Ochiltree.
    2. Robert Stewart, gent.
    3. Sir Robt. Hepburne, Knt.
    4. George Crayford (or Crawford), Laird of Locnories.
    5. Bernard Lindsey.
    6. Robert Lindsey.
  3. Precinct of Strabane, Co. Tyrone.
    1. James Hamilton, Earl of Abercorn.
    2. Sir Claude Hamilton, Knt.
    3. James Clapen (or Claphame), gent.
    4. Sir Thomas Boyd, Knt.
    5. Sir George Hamilton, Knt.
    6. Sir John Dromond (or Drummond), Knt.
    7. James Haig, gent
    8. George Hamilton, gent.
  4. Precinct of Portlough (or a part of the Barony of Raphoe), Co. Donegal.
    1. The Duke of Lennox.
    2. Sir Walter Stewart, Knt., Laird of Minto.
    3. Alexander McAula, of Durlin, gent.
    4. John Cuningham, of Crafield (or Crawfield).
    5. William Stewart, Laird of Dunduff.
    6. James Cunyngham, Laird of Glangarnocke.
    7. Cuthbert Cuningham.
    8. James Cuningham, Esq.
    9. John Stewart, Esq.
  5. Precinct of Boylagh, Co. Donegal.
    1. Sir Robert Maclellan, Laird of Bomby.
    2. George Murraye, Laird of Broughton.
    3. William Stewart, Esq.
    4. Sir Patrick Mackee, of Laerg, Knt.
    5. James McCullock (or M‘Culloch), gent.
    6. Alexander Dunbar, gent.
    7. Patrick Vans, of Libragh, gent.
    8. Alexander Coningham, of Powton, gent.
  6. Precinct of Knockninny, Co. Fermanagh.
    1. Michael Balfoure (or Balfour), Lord Burley.
    2. Michael Balfoure, his son.
    3. Sir John Wishart (or Wiseheart), Knt., Laird Pettaro.
    4. Thomas Monepeny (or Moneypenny), Laird of Kinkell or Kinalle.
    5. James Trayle, Esq.
    6. George Smelhome (or Smailholme).
  7. Precinct of Magheriboy, Co. Fermanagh.
    1. Sir John Home (or Hume), Knt.
    2. Robert Hamilton.
    3. James Gibb.
    4. Jerome Lindsey, Esq.
    5. William Fowler, Esq
    6. Alexander Home.
    7. John Dunbarr, Esq.
  8. Precinct or Tullocyhonco (now Tullyhunco), Co. Cavan.
    1. Sir Alexander Hamilton, of Endervicke, in Scotland, Knt.
    2. Sir Claude Hamilton (his son), Knt.
    3. Alexander Achmootie (or Achmouty).
    4. John Achmootie (brother of said Alexander).
    5. John Browne, of Gorgeemill, gent.
  9. Precinct of Clanchy (now Clankee), Co. Cavan.
    1. Esme Stuart, Lord Aubigny (son of Esme Stewart, the first Duke of Lennox).
    2. William Baillie, Esq.
    3. John Raleston, Esq.
    4. William Downbarr.

End of the Scottish Undertakers.

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